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Messiah in the Midst of the sea

August 28, 2013


The ocean is a vast, beautiful, fearsome, sometimes violent and always awesome thing. I am always enthralled by underwater images captured on film or video. The cornucopia of creatures and plant life is dizzying to behold. I have also seen films of storms of sea and shook in my shoes at the thought of being on a ship in the midst of such a storm. I love the ocean for its vast depth and primordial timelessness.
Many is the time I have associated my feelings about the ocean to those I have about Father God conflicting feelings of love for Him…his calming love, soothing, caressing, and nurturing care complicated by feelings of apprehension over His mysteriousness, unpredictableness, moodiness…His brooding angry outbursts, His tempestuousness.

While at House of G-d’s Glory in October ’08 one evening for worship services, Robert went up to the front and took the mike to pray. In that prayer he spoke of the Father’s deep love for us. It was then I saw in my mind a moving picture of myself immersed in a beautiful, crystal blue ocean. As I descended I sensed the presence of the Lord there, descending with me. I was comforted and reassured by His presence. He spoke to me in my mind and said:


“As you plumb the ocean’s depths, know this is how deeply I love you. When you start thinking we cannot descend any further, you discover the unending depth of my ocean. My love for you, my child is also without end. As we descend deeper and deeper, each fathom will remind you of my incomprehensible, boundless, limitless and unconditional love I have for you forever and ever”.
May these words comfort you today. They were given to me to share with you because they are for you also.


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